ISLA BONITA - Interview with travel & fashion blogger Adri from Maya Gypsy

 For our ISLA BONITA launch we looked for a collaboration with a free-spirited and beautiful soul and found exactly that in Adri from Maya Gypsy. Born in Guatemala, she came to Australia a couple of years ago and stayed ever since.....except for her amazing adventures all around the world.

We asked her a few questions to give you the chance to get to know her better:

ROVE: Why do you travel?

Adri: I love that moment when you see something for the first time, your eyes find a new sparkle and your smile a new glow. I see it as expanding your mind, inner growth from experiencing new cultures and finding beauty in a new place.

We know this is a tough one, but what’s your favourite place in the world?

That is tough! only because there's so many places I haven't been! I would say my favourite place is anywhere where I can find warm weather, palms and crystal clear water! And don't forget the coconuts! 

Maya Gypsy for Rove - Coconut and Red Maxi Dress

What’s a must have fashion item in your suitcase? 

My hair tends to go crazy sometimes with the salty water so head-wraps have been a life saver!

You recently did a shoot on Gili Meno for the new Isla Bonita ROVE Collection. What is your favourite piece? 

Can't pick just one! Love the red SEVILLA Maxi Wrap dress and the red GRANADA off-shoulder top! 

Maya Gypsy and ROVE red off-shoulder top

We love your light-hearted carefree travel photos on your Instagram @maya_gypsy and website ( Any advice on how to capture such natural looking moments?

My partner Luke and I really enjoy taking photos. It's playtime for us. So when we are somewhere beautiful and snapping away, we are having so much fun and I believe that shows in our pictures. 

You’re originally from Guatemala but seem to have left your heart in Australia. With the travel gene inside you, how do you manage to overcome the travel fever when you’re at home and working?

By dreaming about our next escape hehehe. Maybe I need to change a few things in my life to make traveling my full time job :) 

We hope you will! Thanks so much for being our Isla Bonita #ROVEgirl!

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